Young Man In Tears As Angry Lion Bites Off His Fingers As He Plays Tricks To Impress Ladies [Watch]


This comes with mixed feelings as to whether one should cry for this man or just laugh his ass out as he plays stupid gimmicks on a wild angry lion. Meanwhile, those he was trying to impress stood there videoing the scenes uh unperturbed. 

A video that has popped up in the social media space captures this young man who met these two young ladies in the zoo and tries to impress them by playing some tricks on a caged wild Lion. The ladies watched as he makes his first two trials by dipping his fingers in the holes of the fence and escaping unhurt.

Unfortunately, luck eluded him in his third attempt as his fingers landed straight in the mouth of the lion which held on tightly as the man fought and eventually ended up feeding the lion with his fingers.

Click here for the video

The most devastating aspect of it all was the fact that as he was trapped and fighting fiercely for his fingers, those ladies he was trying to impress didn’t even make any attempt to help rescue him, not even raising an alarm.

He might have learned a bitter lesson as he was left in agony going fingerless for the rest of his days on earth.