Fancy Gadam aka the Northern music ruler aka 1DON pledges to honor his Upper East loyal enthusiasts by composing a song in frafra which will be featured in his next album.

Musically, Fancy Gadam but known outside music as Ahmed Mujahid Bello is a multi-award-winning singer from the Northern part of Ghana.

The customer hitmaker unveils this on a dialogue (interview) between himself and the CEO of West Side Entertainment who was the host on the ticket of one of the prominent online Media in the Upper East Region by the name My Bolga Online.

Fancy Gadam was interrogated by the host to whether he was the one purported to had recorded the peddled audio begging a lady for love but he said no to question by stating it emphatically that if he proposes to a lady and she rejects, then she should go her way so that he can look for different means.

Just like everyone would have done, the questionnaire wanted to know the meaning of the name “Fancy Gadam” which the beats killer answered him by explaining that the “Gadam” is his name and “Fancy” is an English word which means to desire or like someone, hence, Fancy Gadam means “Desire or Like Gadam”.

In the conclusion part of the interview, Fancy Gadam Promised that he would compose a full frafra song in his coming album to honor his Upper East Region Fans.

This interview took place on the 20th of December 2020 at the Akayet Hotel, Bolgatanga when he went purposely because of his Dream Album Invasion.

Watch the video below