Sarkodie Has Finally Confirmed That He Is The Most Stingy Artiste In Ghana (Screenshot)


Famed, Sarkodie aka Rapper Holic has finally confirmed that a list of stingy musicians can not be fully satisfied with the quest of every Ghanaian without his name being part.

Stingy means the unwillingness to spend, it has been the notion in the minds of many Ghanaians that, Sarkodie is stingy, for quite some number of years now.

He replied to a post made by KailyJay on tweeter which talks about the current circulating issue on social “Stingy Men Association” with the slogan “Lemme See What I Can Do”

What sort of disrespect is this … been seeing a lot of you guys getting this card before me like how?” he (Sarkodie) said.


He categorically said that, because he is termed as the most stingy artiste in the country, and here he is the case he has not gotten the Stingy Men Association card to show that he is part of it, not to talk of being the founder.

After the Reply, Kaily quickly went and got him the card.