SAD NEWS: Nigerians In Grievous Pain After A Beautiful Job Seeker Got Raped, Killed And Burried In A Shallow Grave


The citizens of our neighboring country, Nigeria, are wallowing in great pain as a young lady got raped, killed and buried in a shallow grave.

According to news, the young lady recognized as Iniobong Umoren, a few days ago (27th April 2021) shared on her Twitter handle how she was seriously looking for a job. Every means she tried proved abortive.

Some of the beautiful young lady’s friends suggested a few employers they thought could help her secure a well-paid job in their companies, but unfortunately, she fell into a trap she could not come out again.

The closest friends of the lady in topic raised an alarm of how their best friend was gone missing, since then, the Nigerian netizens took it as their responsibility to hashtag #FindHinnyHumoren which was a trending number 1 on Twitter till it stands now.

The Police of Nigeria after hearing the sad news started their search and on Sunday, 2nd May 2021, the body of the lady who is now late, was found in a shallow grave.

The body of the deceased was deposited in the mortuary for an autopsy to be undergone.

A man known as Uduak – Frank Akpan is alleged to be the murderer of the young lady.

The Police are still investigating to be sure the alleged person is the true murderer

We would keep you updated.