Ruth Roc and Xikolo, two of the Upper East based up and coming rappers trolls each other,  literally on social media.

It all got ignited when Ruty Roc, the president of the Roc Gvng did what he is already known for. He is known to be one of the artistes who are capable of shaking the industry either for personal interest or a generalized interest. Looking at how he does his things, one could think that, he is seeking attention, hence, using publicity stunt stuff is his only possible way of getting his attention.

Some couple of days ago, Ruty Roc, on his Facebook page stated succinctly that, he was wholly armed with the best and quality armor to engage in a lyrical banter with any rapper who had the needed trust in himself to compete with him “Ready for competition make you guys throw me some rappers” he said.

Xikolo, one of the gifted burgeoning rappers in the region, uppon seeing the post, got nauseated, which made him to register his displeasure on Ruty Roc’s post.

According to the young rapper, he has been in the industryy, long before Ruty Roc found himself in the industry, yet, he is always bombast, acting bossy, instead of learning from people of his caliber who are his seniors.

Bro we worry before u come this industry top way people no say we dey rap but we dey low key so if u think say u catch that level to compete rappers in this industry make careful because if u try me self u no go last talking of those who where the kings before we came so my advice to u is that just focus on building your brand but if u want competition you go end of disgracing your self so be careful bro hard rappers like me dey oooh…i didn’t wanted to inter fare but this is just a word to a wise😈” he said

Lucky enough, Ruty Roc didn’t reply in anger.