Pregnant Woman Spotted Heavily Smoking On A Roadside Sparks Outrage From Netizens (Video)


A pregnant woman is currently under strong criticism for doing the unimaginable, especially on the roadside.

The unidentified woman, heavily pregnant was spotted heavily smoking a cigarette on the roadside.

It’s not clear why she exhibited the act, many people hold the impression that her reason would be that the unborn baby is craving for the smoke.

The bypassers of the road at that moment could be seen murmuring and those who filmed the video could also be heard criticizing her in lower tones.

“See how she’s smoking non-stop, and she didn’t even consider the baby inside her womb,” said one of the people who recorded her in Yoruba.

Whatever could lead to this act by the pregnant woman, the clear fact is that she is endangering the life of the unborn child.

Watch the video below