If She Does Not Also Spend On You , Break Up With Her Cos She Doesn’t Deserves You – Lady Advises


Gone were the days our forefathers use to fall in love unconditionally with the personalities but not the material things the personalities use to have. This issue has been metamorphosed in this our dot com. The paradox of life.

We now live a life where ladies turn to parasites, gold diggers, fall madly in love with men who are already-made, very rich just to extract what they want and get away.

This unfortunate issue has contributed woefully to the erroneous notion in many women that it is the sole responsibility, burden duty of a man to be providing financial care in marriages, relationships.

A Nigerian young girl has taken it to her twitter handle to tell men the caliber of women they should date, mingle with to be hectic free.

She advises that men should date women who have enough money to reciprocate in playing the financial role in relationships, marriages.

She specified that any woman who can not also spend on her man as the man does is not the spec, thus should be shown the door.