Man Lies That He’s Traveling In Order To Catch His Newly Wedded Wife Red-Handed With Her Ex


A Twitter lady @Aashfinn has narrated how she unintentionally helped a man find out that his newly wedded wife was cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend.

The tweep, in a series of tweets on December 11, 2021, had revealed that she visited a lady who happens to be her friend, and discovered that she was having an affair with her ex despite being married to someone else.

She said that she advised her friend to desist from being disloyal but the counsel fell on deaf ears as the woman tacitly asked her to leave.

So the story is I visited a friend last week to apologize for missing her wedding only for me to find out that she’s still in contact with her ex and they get to meet time to time, I told her what she was doing was very wrong Cus she will eventually get caught and that’ll be the end of her marriage!

Anty got pissed and told me that her husband will never find out that she’s being extra careful, ahh instead of me to mind my business and eat the food I was served I continued talking for my small mind I be good friend 😂😂las las she told me to come and go home that she’s tired and she wants to sleep🤦‍♀️

I sha took my coke and left without eating the food😒😭😭😭Las las she blocked my number because I told her to be faithful in her marriage. Hmm scum has no gender..” @Aashfinn wrote.

Fast-forward to April 2022, and the Twitter lady gave an update that the man found out his wife was cheating and he divorced her.

According to @Aashfinn, he saw her tweet from last year and figured out that it was his wife being talked about.

He decided to check her phone and saw chats with her ex-boyfriend, so he hatched a plan to catch her in the act.

The husband lied to his wife that he was traveling, and she took the bait because after he left, she went out to meet her lover, not knowing that her hubby was trailing her.

@Aashfinn quoted her old tweet and wrote; ”This tweet made the husband very suspicious like I said he’s on Twitter and he knows I visited, he checked her phone and saw some freaky messages with her ex, and in other to get her Good he lied he was traveling for a meeting, an hour later she left the house and he followed her

To wherever she was going, fast forward he caught her with her ex and they broke up February.

She blames for the termination of her marriage and she hates my guts..

Is it my fault she got caught for cheating on her husband..

I’m a very good sister Abeg I tried to advice her but she didn’t listen how is it my fault she got caught ooops I remember I snitched on here😰still not my fault …”