Let’s Focus On Wiyaala Cos She’s The Only Ghanaian Artiste Worthy Of A Grammy – Blogger Lucas Nluki


Lucas Nluki,a Ghanaian blogger, critical and constructive writer, has proffered his candid viewpoint about the ongoing grammy awards saga.

According to the writer, Wiyaala, also known as the Lioness Of Africa is the only Ghanaian artiste worthy of a grammy,  considering her influence in the international markets, her ability to play many shows in the outside countries.

Read his full write-up below

The Grammys has exposed how uneducated and unserious our musicians are and the worse of all them braggarts is Shatta wale . It’s a fact that he works hard and love to be on the news but the facts are clear, he doesn’t know what he is doing but he is making the money which deceives him into thinking he knows what he is doing.

His foot soldiers keep chanting his name that he sits home and attracts foriegn musicians so he is a legend.. yes we have legendary fools of cos!!
Like how the whites saw Africa and enslaved us so did Beyoncé see the glory in Shatta wale’s authority in Ghana and tapped into it and slaved him with just $3k as a bonus for his effort.
The only Ghanaian worthy of a Grammy is Wiyaala but we are busy focusing on noise as music , fooling as authority and of cos silliness as music business.
It’s time we focused on real music than noise and clout chasers.. The agenda is to find one musician and push the person up there and unfortunately no one at the moment qualifies except wiyaala.

It can only take a miracle for you to be signed to a local record label in your bedroom and expect to win a Grammy.

Which musician in Ghana plays more international shows than wiyaala ? Which musician is closer to getting signed to universal music or Warner music group ? None other than wiyaala.

If she is not on the agenda, we might as well just kiss the Grammy a goodbye and be comfortable with our local champions and enjoying their songs in chop bars.