HMB-UEMA 2021: Nomination Opens, How To File


The organizing team of the Upper East Music Awards have opened the nomination for filing.

The 2021 edition of the awards was launched yesterday, Saturday, 11th of September 2021. The event was chaired by the CEO of Ara Klothen, Ahmed Ara Ambitious.

A lengthy speech was delivered by Kabu Banks, the CEO of One Luv Entertainment, the organising body of the awards scheme. The event was graced with ceremonial performances from some well doing upp and coming artistes in the Region.

The organizing body in an effort to clear skeptical impressions about the promises for those who won the Artiste Of The Year and the New Artiste Of The Year in 2020, they said “Ladies and gentlemen,before I move to what is involved this year I will like to speak about last years artiste of the year and new act of the years projects .
Firstly, concerning artiste of year Rockcity, what was left was a collaboration with an A list artist, which we have been working hand in hand all this while to get the best for them , I must say they  showed a high level of professionalism while we both worked to execute this project , we apologize for the delay but it wasn’t  entirely the fault of RockCity or we the organizers but the desire to bring out the best of production for the people of upper east . Ladies and gentlemen I can assure you our reigning HMB-UEMA artiste of the year rockcity is in the kitchen cooking something with an A list artiste which will soon be out”.

They continued “The new act of the year was supposed to have a mastered song and a video, we can confirm the song has been with the management of the new act of the year since February 2021 , however due to miscommunication between both parties there has been a delay of the video which was promised . However on behalf of one love entertainment organizers of this prestigious awards . I take full responsibility of what caused the delay and i apologize to the label, artiste and their fans. I think we at one love entertainment could have done better concerning this issue. So we have gotten in touch with the management to inform them we are ready for the video shoot and ready to work hand in hand to execute it”.

The filling started from the day of the launch, 11th September and will end on the 11th October, which is a month.

Now follow the link below to file but remember to read the definition of each category so you don’t end up falling on a category you are not qualified to file for.

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After reading the definition of each category, scroll down to download the form for free, fill in your details and submit it to

OneMuzikGh.Com wishes each and everyone who has the intention of taking part all the best of luck and to the organizers, may you have a successful 3rd edition.