A Guy Nana Aba Helped With A Job Opportunity Steals 100k From His Employer


Life in this 21st century seems to be so challenging to the extent that people engage on irrational and punishable activities that could possibly block their subsequent opportunities as well as others.

Nana Aba Anamoah, a Ghanaian media personality is left in a state of dilemma as a guy whom she helped with a job opportunity disappointed her.

The charismatic personality who is known for her benevolence and Philanthropic acts helped secured a well paying job for a job seeking guy who made his way into her twitter Dm crying for help some months ago.

She made a contact with her friend who agreed and employed this lucky guy,  pays him an amount of 4,500 cedis as his monthly salary.

This guy out of Ignorance and foolishness one may say, teamed up with his cohort and they loquaciously made away with his employer’s whopping sum of 100k.

This woman who employed him because of her confidential level in Nana Aba Anamoah is also left in a pool of agonies.