Fans Battle Over Samini and Raphius Amigos Who Really Owns The #1KING Title


Following the recent trends on #1Gad and #1Don by Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale respectively, Samini skyrocketed the whole trend after he posted “#1KING” on his twitter page, Which suggested that, he’s also the “#1KING” in the game.


Abdul Rauf Ahmed of Raphius Amigos fame, Who is also known much as King Raph, of late has been tagging himself as #1King before this whole trend sparked up.

This whole bruhaha started after Asonya Gh, a renowned blogger in the Upper West Region took to his facebook wall and made a post, claiming Samini have stolen the #1King title from King Raph. Both Samini and King Raph have a solidified fanbase in Upper West and that post by Asonya Gh was enough to spark this battle. Follow the post below to see for yourself the fights on social media about the King ship title between Samini and King Raph.