The multiple awards winning spectacular musical icon finally breaks silence about the unsatisfied circulating news that he is owing one of the best dancing clique ( Northern Best Dancers) a dozen amount of 2  thousand Ghana cedis.

In other news, the Northern Best Dancers were billed to perform on a  certain show of which the Formula hitmaker took the money on their behalf.

However, the money was handed over to Fancy Gadam which he promised to give the aforementioned dance crew their share of the money but failed to do that to date.

The crew waited for a long to take their money but to no avail and now decided to register their displeasure by breaking the news to the public notice.

Fast forward, they gave Fancy Gadam barely two weeks to pay them their money or they will do something which will make them a bete noire in his private proximity and even threatens to send him to court if he fails to do the needful after the allotted time.

To reply to the guys, Fancy Gdam wrote on his WhatsApp status that 👇