The Miss Upper East Ghana is an annual beauty pageant that deals with showcasing
the cultural ethics of the Upper East Region. MUEG which is the acronym for the Miss Upper
East Ghana pageant focuses on promoting the culture of the Upper East Region through various
platforms which include promoting the Languages, Dances, Songs, storytelling, Clothing as
well as the food we eat. These are all embedded in the pageant as contestants are exposed to
various cultural activities such as showcasing traditional and cultural attires of various cultures,
showcasing the Upper east made wears, as well as cultural cooking, which are all exciting
platforms for cultural ethics.

The Miss Upper East Ghana pageant show empowers women beyond beauty and also showcases positive attributes of the Upper East Region women. The winner portrays exemplary qualities and serves as a role model for young women in the upper East region and the country as a whole.
Contestants are required not to be unmarried, not pregnant, with a command of their native language and English, a citizen of Ghana, and a native of the upper east region. They should be between the ages of 18-26 years old, be of good health and character with no tattoos or piercings apart from ears.

The competition usually starts with a call to entry where interested participants are required to purchase their registration forms after which a casting call would commence in the 4 zones of the region. The casting call finds the judges in one of their toughest battles as they have to choose 12 ladies out of the hundreds of ladies that apply. The chosen 12 head out to a boot camp at Tap Hotel lasting a total of 7 days.

During boot, camp contestants are given training in various activities to empower them, develop their entrepreneurship skills and expose them to different industries enabling them to understand and begin to learn what it takes to be an ambassador. Every contestant looks out for a societal problem within their communities and in their quest to solve these issues, they find solutions to these problems. All these will be done with a presentation on the grand finale and questions will be asked by the judges as to how these projects will be executed.

This year’s pageant is on the theme: “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT THROUGH
INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE CONTRIBUTIONS TO SOCIETY”. It’s aimed at informing the public that nation-building is not just a job for the government but the gross contribution Of individual enterprises.

The MISS UPPER EAST GHANA pageant has a mission to empower young women through
leadership and education.
Our vision is driven by the suppressed potentials and capacity of an African woman. Through this program, we envisage an empowered African and literate woman, a leader, an ambitious and very knowledgeable woman. A woman ready to take responsibilities, face challenges, and focused on changing her environment.
Miss Upper East Ghana pageant aims at promoting the culture of the Upper East Region through
various platforms which include;
1. Language promotion
2. Women Empowerment
3. Fight against indecency
4. Promoting tourism
5. Fight against child trafficking
6. Promoting the cultural values of the Upper East Region
7. Protection of past monuments
Our goals and objectives are wide and varied; to promote education, the eradication of poverty,
social inclusion, cultural awareness, and exchange, children’s welfare, benevolence, health
disparity, family value, and a host of other good courses including women’s social and economic
welfare through organization and the provision of support for regional events and functions
among others
We operate by values that reinforce everything we do.
We recognize contributors as individuals and being responsive to their needs. We empower
participants to exercise self-motivation, confidence, and maximize independence.

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Grand Finale : 2nd January,2020

📌 VVIP – 40.00 ( limited seats – 70 seats available)

📌 VIP – 20.00 ( Limited seats – 200 seats available)

📌 Regular- 10.00

📍If you are in Bolga, Navrongo and its environs kindly contact Sobolo on 0246306333 or Darlington on 0544036293 ……

📍If you are in Bawku and its environs kindly contact Rauf 0245282450 ….

Nb : Covid 19 protocols will be strictly adhered to….

Miss Upper East Ghana 2020
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