Efia Odo Withdraws From The #FixTheCountry Movement, Gone Hiatus (DETAILS HERE)


Efia Odo, one of the strong lead advocates for the #FixTheCountry movement has suddenly withdrawn from the movement and has even gone hiatus.

The strong Socialite began the movement as a leader with some of her co celebrities, the likes of Comedian Waris, and many others a few months ago.

On the 5th of July 2021, she left a note stating clearly that she has decided to back off due to reasons she can’t take control of any longer.

“I will like to take this time
to let you all know that I’m
going on a Haitus. My
mental health is at stake aat
the moment. My love for
this country and humanity
has turned into something I
am not, political. I am of
peace and equality. My
heart and intentions are as
pure as gold. Things are tooD
heavy for me right now.
Take care” She said