Dax Hits 3Million YouTube Subscribers and This is What He Has to Say


Nigerian-Canadian rapper, Daniel Nwosu Jr. aka Dax hits 3M you tube subscribers and he shares the secret of his success.

Dax took to his Facebook page and he writes

“3 MILLION YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS! Thank you. My secret? I focus on building with the people who support instead of arguing with those who don’t. I made a promise to myself 5 years ago after I lost my D1 scholarship at the University of Montana and that was to never let another human being validate me again. We are all validated in the eyes of God and when you look in the mirror every morning you’re staring at his creation. For that reason alone it’s your responsibility to CO-SIGN YOURSELF. This is all music, all independent, all the family, no tricks, no secrets, my words, and just WORK. Relentless, obsessive and borderline psychotic amounts of work. This is passion and love for what I do. This is impact. Thank you all. Let’s continue impacting people all over the world. We are the label. 4 million up next…”