I Have Been Able To Make It Despite The Poor Home I Come From – D Black shares


Ghanaian hip-hop musician and music executive D-Black has shared his own life struggles to inspire his followers on his Twitter handle.

He disclosed that he came from a broken home, but that didn’t stop him from achieving success in his musical career and he is now doing well.

Mr Desmond Kwesi Blackmore who doubles as the owner of The Black Avenue Muzik label in a series of tweets on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 revealed that the music business was not tolerated in his home – all his mother cared for was education and she was adamant on him achieving a professional career.

One of his tweets read ” we came from regular homes.
Broken homes but we are ok”, he again tweeted. Mom’s did her best chale. I remember so well. But no one wanted to hear that ‘I wanna make music’ shit. It was to go to school and be a doctor or lawyer!!
So, a man had to find his way through thick and thin. No one owes you nothing.”

According to the “Vera” hitmaker, help from family members is nothing much but a mere ‘bonus’, thus no one was obliged to help in his home.

He again stressed via his Twitter handle that “No one has obligated to help you.’
Your excuse should never be ‘no one is there to help.’ That help should be looked at as a bonus if and when it happens. We all served at the table called life.
How you make it, is in your own hands. Your destiny is controlled by you and no one else.”

He used this same opportunity to advise his fans out there to keep fighting because successful people in life met obstacles that they didn’t run away from but instead conquered. This is to inform them that those successful ones out there didn’t get to where they are today on a silver platter. So they should keep fighting despite all the pressures pouring in from all angles.

He ended his inspirational tweets with a piece that reads, “So as you start your day off today, just know that people who have been in worse positions and circumstances than you, have made it in life and are successful in their own right. Because they refused to give up and fought their dreams to come true. So if you they can, why not you? Go get it!”

This breathtaking inspiration from the musical icon is cool enough to revive millions of dreams that were fading away.

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