It’s all about the North Got Talent which is on going on the NTV in Tamale, where by the Coolest Kid of Upper West Region, Wa ReezyBwoy is doing all his best to lift the name of Wa by exhibiting his real and true talents to win the title but he can’t do it alone. He needs support from his people and loyal fans as well.

Best Gally, the famous and talented producer in the whole of Upper West Region, winner of the artists of the year Prumas 2020 took it upon himself to create the general awareness on what exactly is happening, by patrolling on the streets of Wa with fans and cool music dancing and creating the awareness that was the 28th of this month 2020. He campaigned and cried out strongly for the people of Wa to vote strongly for him to be able to bring the title home.

The entrance of Wa market was used for the campaign and other advantage points to help rise funds to vote for ReezyBwouy. Both organizers and participants of the North Got Talent where amazed by the love shown to ReezyBwouy from his people.

Above all ReezyBwouy does all his possible best to make sure all their efforts won’t be in vain. ReezyBwoy expresses his warm gratitude to Gally Nation and the general public for the love and support