It’s yet another year where G Dogg hits you up with the third edition of his annual show, meet my people concert at Danko in the upper west region. As you all know this is not the first time, it’s been coming in love for the past few years. Meet my people concert show always come on the 26th Of December yearly at the Danko school at 8 PM till mommy’s call. Where by all the surrounding villages and people of Wa are all invited to come, relax and have fun

This year’s meet my people concert it’s gonna rock the whole of town. Several artists will pass through some of which include G Dogg, Best Gally, Infinity, ReezyBwoy, Recordz, Ojay, Badda Kasu, Isabwoy, Mara, Mr. Wab, Di Youngest, Icy, Skelenzy, Don 45, Gafaxity and many more.There’s something extra dhope about this yers show, something unique and somehow different from the previous once. Why do I say so…… this year, the G Dogg Meet My People Concert 3RD will be featured by dance groups to bossy the fans and also make the show a memorable one.

I see there’s no reason why one have to miss this show. It’s gonna be fire work out there. Let’s all make it up and have the best from the talented artists in town.