With the last few years having been wrapped up, it’s always fun to see artists grow from zero to hero, but this time it’s exceptional. We have a young artist who came out of no where to join the industry and has shown new levels. With his outstanding musical skills and fame from SHS he has claimed the richest artist of all time in Wa.

He is in the person of Big Dib, the most talented and most richest artist. He has shown his new levels to the world. A Corolla S brand new red color was bought buy him, shipped and brought to him straight to Wa without thinking twice because he really got too much money to spend. This is outstanding, I’ve never seen such in the upper west region. Shopping on the other hand, Big Dib shops without calculating on his hand, he enters shops he likes it he taps it and he buys it.

Such an artist has claimed the title as the richest artist of all time and more over to the point, no artist in Wa ever shipped a car and customized his name on the number plate as shown in the picture below. Big Dib Gh🤞

“ He made comments that, his too much money that’s on his account can’t be compared to the money that shatta wale has currently “
Herrrrr the guy is too rich, Too much money on His account. Check him out