Fadlan aka the Young Bull has gone wild on his fellow artistes on his recent post.

Fadlan is one of the gumptious heavy rappers who have sworn to take the rap genre to different level.

The veteran rapper released his album a few months ago dubbed “Life Too Short” which is a compilation of only masterpieces. The album is doing extremely well on digital platforms.

The rapper who shut down Karaga last night with his much-anticipated show has passed a comment to his fellow artistes on a recent post.


He stated that those artistes who have ever made a post comparing themselves to him should kindly screenshot it, frame it, and hang it on their walls as their greatest achievements.

“If you are an Artist and you ever get compared to me in a post on any social media app, Screenshot it, frame it 🖼 and hang it in your room. That’s your BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT EVER”

The undisputable achievements amassed by this aforementioned hardworking rapper within this shortest milestone is enough evidence show that he is destined to greatness.