Controversial Rapper, Double Tee has released snippets of information about music in the Northern Ghana, in his latest single which is self-titled Double T, the rapper has stated that his songs are about his feelings and only a reflection on the situation in the north music industry. Although he does not expect things to change overnight, he is of the belief that the younger generation who listen to his music would give some thoughts into the issues he addresses in his music. He preaches of unity in the industry “I think it’s gonna take time to understand me but I’m still sparking up some fire somewhere that we don’t know [laughs]…,”

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When asked about how he feels listening to his own songs ”I don’t know if I should be ashamed of it…All I know is, if something happens and it hits me, I am moved to talk about it. There’s nothing to hate,” he said.

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In this song, Double T rapped extensively on ills affecting the entertainment agenda of Northern Ghana.”A few years ago I became concerned that I was hurting musicians buy my music, I am not proud to say it but then that is the reality,” he said.
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