Zodwa Rebecca  Libram  is a South African dancer and entertainer who goes by the stage name Zodwa Wabantu. Zodwa Wabantu is besk known for her provocative dances and dressing which leaves little imagination. Zodwa Wabantu has vowed not to put on panties while performing. Zodwa Wabantu has previously been blocked from performing in Zimbabwe because of her notoriety. 

Zodwa Wabantu went mad on stage after been gingered to the highest level beyond restraint, decided to kiss her fans one after the other.

On one of her recent posts, she stated that whatever you do for a living, you should never be embarrassed by it, you should always walk bossy.

“Never be embarrassed by your hustle, walk in like a boss. I am in charge of my hustle not to be accommodated by anyone to fit in”

After watching the video, you will come to the conclusion that what our Ghanaian female megastars do is tiniest as compare hers.

Watch it below