Rockcity is undoubtedly the best and Prestigious Music Group from the Upper East Region Of Ghana which consists of four (4) undefeatable Young Men (Rockcity Teerz, Rockcity Kurt aka Kansimolga, Rockcity Kruukeka aka Enemies Bad Weather, and Rockcity Joe Mills).

Rockcity aka Typical Bongo Boys

The multi awards winning music group which has won a number of major awards to its name, gained recognition in all the five Northern Region, on 15th September 2020 have come up with a unanimous agreement to make changes in the camp.

The agreement was passed or disclosed in a printed form(Press Released)

According to the press sighted by OneMuzikGh, one of them by name Rockcity Teerz has decided to take a bow from music and assume a management position in Rockcity alongside Akunsike Martin aka Dj Aluher who has been the manager for the past four years.

Rockcity Teerz

From now on, the group will now be a three-member group comprising of Rockcity Kurt, Rockcity Kruukeka, and Rockcity Joe Mills.

They also made it clear that Rockcity Teerz is still an active member of the group but under different role. Read press below