Sonnie Badu is a UK-based Ghanaian gospel artist, philanthropist, author, and television presenter who has won multiple awards and special recognition to his name. Best considered as one of Africa’s most successful Gospel artist in recent years, Badu is known for his unique blend of intimate worship which usually comes with excellent high pitched vocals and energetic style of worship.

On the 3rd of September, the renowned multi awards winning Gospel artist stated categorically on his Facebook page, the horrendous stumbling blocks that he has encountered since the beginning of his ministry, which could lead to the detriment of his career.

The storms that he has faced dive him into given his pieces of candid advice to some other ministers. He Said;

“This year will be my 26th year in ministry, yes I started very young 😂. I have survived storms, I mean global ones. With that experience, this is my little advice to you ministers who have little airtime in Africa to use on social media …. first of all, Use your airtime / credit wisely.. secondly, before you wage war against anyone, check your spiritual level because you could be treading on dangerous grounds that can close all your doors … It could be a very vicious battle.
And thirdly, don’t seek for platforms, seek for relationships, and when you get close, learn to serve … A word to the wise … it’s purple 💜💜💜 .. #IAmBadu #Lion”