After a long stillness of one of the hugely talented singers from the Northern part of Ghana by name Don Sigli, which made people assume that he was out of the music fraternity meanwhile, he was working underground to bring out something good.

He took his time to prepare his unreleased album dubbed PAGLI(FOG)Album which kept everyone talking after the release of the tracklist later on 26th August, 2020.

A number of unified sound engineers worked on the album. The album also feature most of the undisputed talented artistes like Fancy Gadam, Maccasio, Fadlan, Wiz Child among others.

The prolific Tv presenter Mohammed Hafiz aka Gee Face couldn’t remain silent after the release of the tracklist, also, considering the kinds of masterpieces compiled in the album which he had the opportunity to listen to during the listening session which took place a few days ago.

Gee Face listed some of the major areas which make the album outstanding. He said ”

After Listening to Don Sigli Album few days ago, The Unmeasurable Talent Of The Young Lyrical Singer isn’t jus the only reason why the Album is Outstanding. …
…These are Major Areas of Interest Tht Makes the Album a master Class. .
1* The Meaning of the Album Title
2* Lyrics And Content in each Song
3* Choice of Sound Engineers And their performance.

  1. The Artist He featured in each song and their Performance
    5* Videos? ?
    *6. Readiness to Make it a hit Album. …
    …. I will be Attending to each point in due time. .

Paɣli #Fog Don Sigli 🙌🙌