NPP Government has almost exhausted their days in the tenure of power, hence, here comes another year where the public election is supposed to be done in order to choose the right, competent leader to take the citizens to the promised land.

But because it has now appeared like a norm to Ghanaians that it is either NPP or NDC wins which has dived many celebrities into publicizing some secret things about some politicians just to let them falter.

It’s circulating that the former president of the Republic of Ghana JM spent an enormous amount of money on buying flashy cars and magnificent edifice for some public figures in the likes of Mzbel, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah etc.

But later on, 16th August 2020, Joyce came live on Facebook to free the public dubious psyches from the uncertainty. She stated it clear that JM has never purchased her a house or fly her to Dubai, but it’s rather NPP minister who bought her a house at Spintex. Video below