The recent unhealthy posts, comparisons and comments from some of the industry players about some of the hardworking musicians in the North like MACCASIO, FANCY GADAM just to mention few has left Maccasio with a wounded heart, which has pushed him into uttering unhealthy words. Full post here👇

Some of these industry players be acting wired.
Can u mention one,just one person who ever organized a show outside ghana n put northern artistes on the bill to showcase their talents? U no Dey help and we dey do our tins and u got the nerve to criticize us,calling Maccasio and fancy local champs. Well if u had given us the needed support we wll be competing with Chris brown and lil Wayne … it’s the fans that keep us going. And we appreciate that. Don’t jus twit or use ur platform to be critic without any solution .. Bombclatttttt!!!!
If we stopped craa this so call northern music will die quick cause none of the artiste even trying .. so better supoort and encourage those who are trying ratha than posting nonfa things for comments with no solutions.