Yesterday 05/08/2020 at Baabili immigration checkpoint between the hours of 6pm to 7pm. Three officers were on duty, they stopped a lorry that was moving from wa to hamile, they requested that everyone should come out of the lorry after which they requested to see everyone’s ID. When asked why they have to show their ID when traveling within the country. One of the officers who was improperly dressed replied ” that is what we do and we seize the IDs of those we think they are not Ghanaians” And to further explain himself he went into their office and brought out over 500 ( new voter ID cards). Let’s not forget that one can aquire citizenship through various means ( by birth, marriage etc). We leave this matter to the right athority to handle.

The team of OneMuzikGH will ask the question how will they return these cards to the owner? Which will mean that their right to vote as a citizen has been denied