“This Picture is to tell you music is a game not stupidity.
I don’t blame some of them it is the people who bath their children concoction, you will give birth to a child and bath him or her with concoction which will make them to become a warrior when this time there is no war.
That is why many are on Facebook acting weird and all they think is to kill people’s success with their “Warrior mind”
Why don’t they bath them to become the richest man.”

SHABAN aka The Rap KingKong posted the above write-ups on his official Facebook page unhappily as he saw StoneBowy and Shatta Wale picture smiling toward each other.

He compared what has been going on in Northern Music Industry for sometime now to Stonebwoy and Shatta Wal’s rivalry.

He is insinuating that, the rivalry between those two top notches is not something serious but for business reasons and the artistes here could have also done that but they have rather taken it as world Cup.