Following Striker De Donzy who has been dubbed and nick named the Mamprugu ruler long existence and unquestionably relevance on the music limelight without a collaboration, has made the Northern prolific videos director by name DIRECTOR ANAS reacted with a bit emotion not because of a nasty reason but barracks directed to STRIKER DE DONZY after the release of his long awaited banger with FANCY GADAM aka 1DON entitled “ASADAACHI”. This is exactly what DIRECTOR ANAS wrote on his Facebook page 👇

If I were to be an underground artist who dream to be a super international star …. Striker De Donzy would have been an inspirational idol to me. Some artist believe that featuring a big star in the music industry is the only way to explode… I totally disagree %99. Featuring a big star can give you a hit song but u might not be able to maintain it.
If I’m not mistaken…. The first ever Featuring De Donzy did after he exploded with is solo hit song Feruza is today’s song featuring Fancy Gadam. That collaboration is good but to me De Donzy is already De Donzy.

In summary …I want to tell every underground to take their time to compose good songs and take their time to promote them very well like De Donzy and they shall be where they least expect themselves. You will realise you don’t need much featuring once you take this step.

All he is trying to say is that, every artistes whether top notch or underground artiste should prohibit the mind that “I will only make it if i collaborate with a big artiste”.