Sherif Abdul Majeed, stage name MACCASIO, self acclaimed Northern best rapper on 10th June, 2020 posted something on his timeline which the fans considered it to be a direct diss to FANCY GADAM. He said

“Didn’t compiled already released songs to make it hit album.
Zerotohero packed with classics.

Zuuku dibla postiri Anytin for comments.
Ur opinion weighs zero weight cause every song in my album is popular than u and your entire ……
If u don’t like go hug transformer 😂 😂” 👇

The reason why the fans said that, what Maccasio posted was a direct diss to Fancy Gadam without taken a second thought of it was because of what Fancy Gadam said in his newly released track dubbed Fancy Gadam, in his track, he said “How many instances? I force them to play nonsense, so mi give them sense, there’s so many ways to get success”.let’s wait to see what Fancy Gadam would also say!