On 19th may 2020, Hani Berry was reported to have walked out on Ferdiskillz in the middle of a production at around 3-4pm. The Water family signee who went to do a recording at the studio angrily walked out on the award winning producer and left the studio without a word. According to reports, her behavior came up because the producer advised her to concentrate on the ongoing project after he found her off-concentrated during the beat making.

Ferdiskillz himself reportedly found the singer listening to other songs on her phone via earpiece and not taking part in the production after she was left with a young producer to work on her beat. When the engineer tried to advise her to concentrate on the ongoing project, she paid death ears and when he insisted, she walked out of the studio and left with her manager.

In an interview with OneMuzikGh, Ferdiskillz revealed that he only advised her on how to behave during a session but she surprisingly got angry and left. “I walked in and found her sitting cross legged and wearing a cap, dark glasses and earpiece listening and watching something else on her phone. I asked her to stop and concentrate on the process as it aids easy work. She sat unconcerned so I took out her shades and earpiece and repeated my words but she still didn’t move nor utter a word. I went inside and came out again and still met her in the position I left her. I then advised her on what I think is good for her as a growing singer but to my utmost dismay, she left the studios and went home”.

Speaking to her manager, Mr. Nuruden popularly known as Wata also revealed that he was also shocked by her behavior towards the engineer. He added that she sometimes acts very weird but this was way too much. “I have encountered a number of situations where she shows gross disrespect to me. But this particular situation with Ferdiskillz is rather too much and I’m even ashamed. I don’t know what to tell the engineer” he lamented. Wata also couldn’t tell his next move after the incident. He said” I’m confused on what to even do. I can’t tell whether I will continue working with her or not. But frankly, I’m disturbed”

This is really an unprecedented issue in the history of Upper West music and many are wondering what might have happened to cause her uncouth behavior. Ferdiskillz attributed the cause to all stakeholders as they mostly over praise young talents making them feel too big to be put to order. He  ended up by calling on all sound engineers in the region to come together to form an association where they can come out with standards that artists must meet during sessions to avoid future repletion of this or similar issues. He however did not disclose his next action on the situation, as to the sanctions he’s personally going to label out to the singer and her management.