Musicians have special ways of celebrating their birthdays. Most successful musicians organise grand birthday bashes which may include musical performances from other musicians in his honor. Others make it purely dining and wining for their family and friends whilst others choose to do charity to the needy and less privileged. However there are no clearly laid down rules on how their birthdays should be celebrated.

Yahaya Rashad popularly known as Rekordz and his team (cash media) has decided to go to another extreme end of celebration by releasing a birthday freestyle which appears to be a designated letter to King Raph.

King Raph is one of the greatest musicians from Upper West Region and in spite of his many successes chocked in his career, he is mostly seen expressing bitter thoughts that the upper west entertainment scene has been very unsupportive to his carrier.

Rekordz in this sensational piece decides to throw several questions to king raph who is also known as the pride of Upper West.

Among several issues, Rekordz asks King Raph about the reasons behind his relevance and long reign for close to two decades. He also questions why King Raph for a number of years has been thinking that people hate him and finally ended with questions on why many people troll him on social media. He also tries to find out why people show disrespect to king raph instead of love for all his achievements.
Rekordz ends this great piece with a word of thanks and demands answers from King Raph.

Is King Raph going to give replies to these questions by the young rapper??