The personal lifestyle of many musicians is one thing that they always try as much as possible to hide from the general public. This is much particular about their relationships or love life. Many are of the view that they hide these things to avoid possible problems from the masses whilst others think that it allows them to have their way with different girls. Reasons are best known to them.

Stunner seems to be different in this as he has for the second time declared his relationship status to the public. The first one occurred in the later part of 2019 as romantic pictures of him and Dasaama Sango hit the internet. Rumors had it that they were dating and many showed interest. However this issue died off without any confirmation.

The most recent one occurred on Friday 2nd May, 2020 when Stunner again hinted the general public of his engagement with the love of his life which happens to be a different lady…not Dasaama. He changed his relationship status on Facebook from single to engaged and this again raised the eyebrows of many on Facebook.  He received many congratulatory messages and well wishes from colleague musicians, fans and observers.

The identity of the lady was confirmed to be Numbu Toosweet as her name picture were included in the notification.

How soon are they getting married?

We shall bring you information as we wait for things to unfold.