In trying times such as these, the most appreciated things are those small things that lift the status of the poor and needy. This is the more reason why the locals of Tamale cannot stop praising Ahmed Mujahid Bello, popularly known as Fancy Gadam and his team for distributing free hand sanitizers to the less privileged.

The prices of hand sanitizers shot up after the number of confirmed Covid19 cases increased in Tamale and thereby making it very hard for the average individual to afford. According to Hassan al Hassan, his road manager, they saw this as the best time to give back to the people of Tamale for their unending love and support for them. ”These are hard times and we decided to Join hands to fight the deadly Covid19”-he recounted. He also added ”society has been very supportive to us and we do this to let everyone know that we love them same way they love us.”

They therefore took to the streets to distribute over 2000 bottles of hand sanitizers worth several 1000’s of Ghana Cedis to the poor and needy. This was intended to help fight the deadly and fast spreading Corona virus in tamale, just like the rest of the world.

Fancy Gadam remains one of the greatest exports of Tamale and the North as a whole and such a step is undoubtedly a commendable one in society. All thanks to him and his team.