Ataala Gh KK, one of the renowned Upper West Music Fraternity player has compiled his list of the 2019 music chat. In addition to that, he said,

Upper West Entertainment Industry has always been Busy since the the revival of it by the this our new era artists . And there is no individual that can boast of following it more than Me .2019 started very strongly with Most of our Artists were promised an Album and 95% being fulfilled.
This is one of the years that our Artists has put in more work giving us different Genres of Hit songs . This would had being a year of difficult task to choose the most hard working artists as our Artiste of the Year despite the disappointment by PRUMAS this Year. But with my own Criteria I was able to come out with the Best 2019 Songs of the year !
My Criteria is not just base on Hit song it is that your song must Either have both Very Good Lyrical Content or a very good Production
Or one of the above !