The issue of musician-radio personalities relationship in the upper west region is getting worse instead getting better, radio personalities, djs , promoters and  producers to Radio programmes have and has been registering their displeasure on how musicians in upper west region take their work for granted.

Many Producers, djs and radio personalities including Fashion King the Producer of E-hub of GBC-RUW, DJ white DJ Anada , DJ Chelsea amongst other DJs and promoters took to social media expressing their displeasure on the ungrateful nature of some musicians adding that, they, including other DJs will start charging musicians for air plays, interviews and anything concerning promotions of their music.

According to some of the DJs, some musicians intentionally refuse to turn up for interviews they are honoured with of which they said the air given to these musicians is worth 100s of Ghana Cedis,  yet these musicians have been ungrateful.

Some musicians from the region including Aztonish and Maseg Dagaati who happens to move outside the region showered praises to Djs and promoters for the free and sacrificial jobs they have been doing to musicians in the  region and their music on the map, they added that is hard to get airplays and interviews in other regions even if you have the money, they advised colleague musicians to be grateful to Djs and promoters but it seem their advised has fallen into the deaf ears of some musicians here in the upper west region hence they still takes radio personalities , Producers and promoters for granted which they said they aren’t  tolerating any of such from any musician in the upper west region.

They finally concluded that they would start charging musicians for anything promotion on their musical career of which they said would make these musicians respect their works even though some have started punishing musicians with such act by not playing their music on air.

Story: Ike