Following the release of “Landlord Abodwese” the newly released song sang in Twi by Ahmed Rauf known much as King Raph ,the front liner of Upper west Pride records which  got the attention of many who praise him and advised him to rather sing in Twi and English and leave his style of singing in Waali.

The general public, Some Mps and senior musicians advised him to do more songs in Twi and English after listening to the newly released track titled landlord Abodwese which literally means bearded landlord.

The song lyrically addressed some bad habits of landlordstowards their tenants and finally advised landlords to respect their tenants adding that if houses were boxes , it would have been carried to wherever one goes hence landlords should respect their tenants.

The “liilaafi” hitmaker has been crown king of Upper west music also the President of Upper West Musiga, and has stayed relevant in the music industry for the past 15 years and his relevance has inspired many young musicians especially musicians in the upper west as he is seen as a mentor.

Story : Ike