Hajjia4Reall and Salma Mumin has sent a plea home to Waala girls in the Upper West Region of Ghana to work hard for a good living instead idling around which they described as lazy act.

A video of this two ladies were seen circulating on social media where they advised the youth especially beautiful young ladies in Wa to work hard to earn a living. All the way from Turkey, the two ladies cautioned Waala youth to either go to school or work hard to make ends meet.

They added that the youth should be serious quoting that there is no food for a lazy man. These two are celebrities who hails from the upper west and the region can boast of how far their beauty and their celebrity lifestyle has sent the region . Salma Mumin, Hajia4Real, Samini, Wiyaala, Moesha, King Raph among others are celebrities from the Upper West Region

Story : Ike