The farwest entertainment music record label seem to have been leading with branding , Aside the crew appreciating the works of DJs and Radio personalities few days back,they have officially signed Kpan Florence as the new manager for the bragless gang leader Nashberry.

The event which took place at the fugutive night club saw in attendance of many industry players where the the CEO of Farwest Abdulai Zulkiful Pelpuo Prince Namiji welcomed all and laid out the mission of the gathering,Osman Pelpou ,the vice president of Farwest follow suited with a speech on what the brand, Farwest Entails which was later supported by Ataala K.K also of Farwest.

Farwest has been one of the most branded label in Northern Ghana Entertainment Industry and on 29th April 2019 succeeded Miss Florence Kpan as manager of Nashberry at De Fugitive Night Club.

The CEO Abdulai Zulkiful Pelpuo ,Osman Pelpuo the vice President of Farwest ,and Ataala K.K a crew member expressed their heartfelt delight for the new contract,they added that they hoped and believed both parties will work hand in hand for the betterment of Farwest music ,Nashberry and Upper West Music industry at large.

Miss Florence Kpan, a business woman CEOing GAFAD COLLECTION finally thanked the Farwest Crew for honoring her to lead Nashberry to the promised land, she promised to do her best to put Nashberry on the map,Miss Florence Finally thanked all industry players present,the press and all who came to witnessed and support the event.

FarWest as a label is into a lot and is a non-profit entertainment organization that has a vision of changing lives through entertainment and creative arts. They grow and help build talents of young people to fit in all walks of life as far as entertainment and Creative arts is concerned.

Story : Ike