The CEO of Stunner nation has angrily addressed a media personal over an issue he referred to as pure hypocrisy. Following a live video on Facebook,Stunner who was seen angry narrated his part of the story and getting Salifu Wononor,a media person involved to have labelled false allegation against him by saying on air that he fears a rapper.

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A battle that is set to happen on 29th March 2019 saw ten Rappers in the region to come face to face to battle one another and stunner later pulled out with a reason that he is not honored hence was not contacted . He added that he saw some rappers being taken out of the battle and according to him,the organizers said those rappers have never been to the program which he thinks the reason is not good enough for him .

Stunner was set to battle either Sambwoy or Rekordz Gh which he said it was a plan thing because of reasons which is best known to himself. Stunner added that Salifu Wononor the event organizer also a media man knowing the reason he quit the Rap battle still stated plainly on air that he fears a rapper which he thinks is pure hypocrisy.

Story: Ike