What do you perceive about Mahama Malik (Wiz-Maleek)

Never let someones perception of you become your reality see, greatness is your DNA – your make up -your anatomy, i call it blasphemy when they say you can’t succeed you can – you will and you must achieve all ,just grind hard and believe (in yourself)

you were born to be spectacular so never let the spectators or the haters get
you side tracked you’ve got the internal strength to persevere and crush it.so now that all doubts are gone…all fears are gone… all insecurities are
gone because you took a long hard look in the mirror and came to the conclusion that you cant let the fake news keep deceiving you and now you are free to spread your wings and ascend, because not only do people believe in you, they also also truly believe in me.

To the general public,your perception about Wiz-Maleek is not true,get closer and see the real being of the 2018 Prumas Artistse of the year.
If you want to go early you go alone,but if you want to go far you don’t go alone.

Story: OneMuzikGh news team.